Contest terms

Three names will be selected. Three winners will receive a one year supply of the beverage produced under the name the winner submitted. Winners will be selected by management based largely on feedback from social media generated response to the proposed names.

Each Name will be chosen by the Contest Holder by their reasonable discretion. The Name must also be legally cleared through a comprehensive trademark clearance process; if the Name cannot be legally cleared through this clearance process, an alternate Grand Prize Winner will be selected.

The Selected Winner will be required to reply to the e-mail within seven days to accept the prize and confirm the payment method that will be used to transfer the prize.

ASSIGNMENT OF RIGHTS TO NAME: You agree that, by entering the Contest, you irrevocably assign and transfer to the Contest Holder all right, title and interest in the Name throughout the world, including, without limitation, all trademark rights, and you agree to execute any additional documents the Contest Holder may deem necessary to evidence or effectuate such assignment. the Contest Holder's rights with respect to the Entry include, but are not limited to: (a) the exclusive right to use, publish, display or reproduce the proposed Name on products, packaging, advertising for purposes of trade and any other lawful purpose; (b) the exclusive right to alter, revise or change the Entry in any way; (c) the exclusive right to secure trademark and copyright registrations and other rights in the entry anywhere throughout the world; (d) the exclusive right to license, exploit, sell, assign, or otherwise dispose of the entry or any of the said rights included therein for any purpose which the Contest Holder may see fit; and (e) any and all subsidiary rights in the Entry.